The rise of social media has also given rise to online giving on cause awareness and giving days. The urgency of a campaign occurring on a certain day inspires individuals to donate, but only if your nonprofit prepares in advance and creates an online campaign that taps into the impulsivity of cause awareness and giving day donors. To help your nonprofit prepare and launch a successful cause awareness day and/or giving day online campaign, this webinar was presented on November 14 to more than one thousand nonprofit staff.

The Trend of Cause Awareness and Giving Days

Before the Giving Day: Get Organized

  • Create a landing page on your website, a microsite, or use a fundraising platform. a landing page on your website, a microsite, or use a fundraising platform.1. Prominently feature the date, hashtag, a fundraising goal, a “Donate” button, links to your social networks, and an e-newsletter opt-in.
    2. List three calls-to-action (donate, share on social media, become a monthly donor, sign a petition, etc.).
    3. Consider a .ngo domain for your landing page, microsite, or third-party redirect.
    4. Create an ambassador sign up page.
    5. Provide sample email text and social media graphics and avatars to your ambassadors.
    6. In the weeks leading up to your giving day campaign, email your ambassadors and ask them to update their social media profiles and email friends and family.
    7. If applicable, ask them to create a fundraising page for your giving day campaign.
    8. Create a “Meet Our Ambassadors” page on your microsite.
  • If appropriate, seek a corporate partner for your giving day campaign. They could match donations, give a certain amount if a goal is reached, or give prizes to your top fundraisers.
  • Create social media graphics in at least two sizes (800 x 800 and 800 x 430). All graphics should have the giving day campaign hashtag and/or your logo:1. Countdown graphics
    2. Call-to-give graphics
    3. Powerful stats and inspirational quotes (ONE)
  • Write a minimum of ten posts/tweets coordinated with your social media graphics in advance that can be easily copied-and-pasted in the days leading up to and the day of your giving day campaign.
  • Always link to your giving day landing page, microsite, or third-party fundraising page on social media.
  • Send a “Save the Date” email to your lists two weeks before the giving day. Be sure to create a custom email banner (600 x 200).
  • Create a budget. This should include graphic design costs, paid ads, fees to fundraising platforms, etc.
  • Develop a 5-day editorial calendar for the three days leading up to your giving day, the day of your giving day, and the 24 hours following your giving day.

On the Giving Day: Get Focused

After the Giving Day: Follow-up and Report

Resources for Causes Awareness and Giving Days

  1. Nonprofit Tech for Good: 2019 Cause Awareness & Giving Day Calendar
  2. 92Y: #GivingTuesday Toolkit
  3. Knight Foundation: Giving Day Playbook
  4. Classy: #GivingTuesday Resource Pack
  5. Amplify #GivingTuesday with Social Media Influencers
  6. Blackbaud Institute: #GivingTuesday Trends Report 

2017 Global Trends in Giving Report

Based upon the survey results of 4,084 donors worldwide, the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report explores the impact of gender, generation, and ideology upon giving and volunteerism.