For the first time, Nonprofit Tech for Good is seeking sponsorships from companies or organizations that serve the nonprofit sector. For almost a decade Nonprofit Tech for Good has been a one-person blog that has been funded primarily through income I have earned through consulting and speaking engagements. However, for the past six months a new vision for Nonprofit Tech for Good has emerged and through sponsorships, Nonprofit Tech for Good will be able to expand in 2019 to include a wide variety of new voices and fresh content.

2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

1) Sponsored Posts 

In 2019, Nonprofit Tech for Good will publish a useful, relevant post once a week about nonprofit technology, fundraising, social media, and emerging trends. I’ll continue to post on occasion, but the majority of posts will be written by individual guest bloggers or sponsors. December and January are booked, but Nonprofit Tech for Good is currently taking submissions for February and beyond.

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2) Free Monthly Webinars

After presenting 500+ webinars over a 10-year period, in 2018 I took a much needed year-long break from webinars, but in 2019 they are coming back! I’ll be presenting a minimum of three webinars in 2019, but the rest will be presented by experienced nonprofit technologists who I want to be able to pay for their work. Sponsors can help me do that and in the process reach thousands of nonprofit professionals. Sponsors can choose which webinars they’d like sponsor or in some cases, present their own webinar. I am still working out the details about how this will work exactly, but if you’d like more information please email me directly.

View: 2019 Free Webinar Schedule

3) Tweet Chats and Instagram Takeovers

Nonprofit Tech for Good is co-hosting a Tweet Chat in January with Wired Impact and coordinating Instagram Takeovers with CrowdRise at the 2019 Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Conference in March and the Association of Fundraising Professionals Conference in April. This is new territory for Nonprofit Tech for Good and thus far the move is bringing some new life to our social networking communities. In 2019, Tweet Chats and Instagram Takeovers will be scheduled, on average, every other month.

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Opening Nonprofit Tech for Good to sponsorship is a big move, but a timely one. A year from now I’d like to see Nonprofit Tech for Good serving as a hub to some of the best nonprofit technology bloggers and service providers in the world. That said, sponsorship opportunities are limited. In 2018 Nonprofit Tech for Good will remain a one-person operation with limited capacity, but if all goes well in 2019 with sponsors, perhaps in 2020 I’ll be able to hire a staff person or two.

Thank you very much.

Happy Holidays,
Heather Mansfield
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Nonprofit Tech for Good