This year’s featured online fundraising tools tap into emerging trends, such as Bitcoin and crowdfunding, but also utilize tried-and-true fundraising tactics such as tribute giving and e-cards. 2019 marks the 20-year anniversary of the release of the first “Donate Now” service and while some online fundraising pioneers envisioned the tools available today, for many the evolution of online giving, especially through social media, would have been unimaginable. 2039? Emotion AI, the Internet of Things, voice-giving, facial recognition payments, and human microchips.

1. BitPay ::

BitPay enables nonprofits, such as Mercy for Animals, to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments without risk or price fluctuations. See their FAQ for nonprofits for more information.

2. CrowdRise ::

Acquired by GoFundMe in 2017 and relaunched in 2018, CrowdRise is an exceptionally well-built crowdfunding tool that processes 30 donations every minute – $5bn to date. Fees begin at 5% and their services also include peer-to-peer fundraising, event fundraising (run, walk, cycle), and expertise on social sharing to increase donations.

3. ::

EcoCards in an online store of digital e-cards. With each card sent, donors make a donation to a charity of their choice ($1 or more) instead of wasting money and resources on paper cards and stamps. Nonprofits can enroll for $50 a year.

4. Funraise ::

Funraise is an all-in-one CRM software with an impressive suite of fundraising tools. Modern in design and functionality, Funraise also integrates with numerous third-parties, such as MailChimp, Salesforce, Apple Pay, BitPay, Quickbooks, and more. Plans start at $299 per month.

5. GiveLively ::

GiveLively offers suite of fundraising tools for free to nonprofits. Tools include fundraising pages, peer-to-peer fundraising, event ticketing, text-to-donate, and more. Nonprofits only need to pay for Stripe’s transaction fees.

6. GroupRaise ::

GroupRaise is an online system that enables restaurants to fundraise for local organizations with a 3-5 mile radius. Diners are able to RSVP for events online and a portion of their checks are donated to charity.

7. Humble Bundle ::

Humble Bundle is an online store that sells games, ebooks, and software. Since their launch in 2010, Humble Bundle has raised over $146,000,000 for charity. 10% of all sales are donated to selected nonprofits that are enrolled in the PayPal Giving Fund.

8. InLieu ::

InLieu is a mobile app that allows users to make donations in lieu of purchasing material gifts for friends and family, and at the same time, makes donating fast, easy and social. For eligibility and fee information, please see the InLieu FAQ.

9. Instagram Donation Stickers ::

Instagram is planning to launch a donate button for Storiesits platform later this year – and that’s all we know for now. Owned by Facebook, Instagram recently launched “Shopping Checkout” for businesses. It’s highly likely that nonprofits using Facebook Fundraising Tools will get first access to the new Instagram Donation Stickers.

10. Millie ::

Millie is a mobile app that allows users to swipe right to give – as little as $1. Each week, donors get matched with three nonprofits and are presented the option to give. A giving dashboard tracks a donor’s total impact. The fee is 5% and you must apply to be a nonprofit featured on their platform.

11. Tapkat ::

Tapkat enables nonprofits to create online fundraising sweepstakes. Donors buy virtual tickets to be entered to win prizes offered by nonprofits. For eligibility, please see the Tapkat FAQ. Fee ranges from 7-9%.

12. YouTube Donation Tools ::

YouTube has released a suite of new fundraising tools, namely Fundraisers, Community Fundraisers, Campaign Matching, and Super Chat for Good. To get access to the tools, your nonprofit must have a Google for Nonprofits account.

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