On Tuesday, June 4 Tereza Litsa (@TerezaLitsa), co-founder of the #ReclaimSocial podcast, will takeover @NonprofitOrgs for 24 hours to lead a conversation about the importance of being positive on social media.

How to Participate

On June 4, follow the #ReclaimSocial hashtag and share:

  1. The great work that your organization is doing.
  2. Highlight amazing work being done by a great person or great cause that you know or support.
  3. Your experience and advice on how to counteract the negativity and trolls on social media.

History of #ReclaimSocial

#ReclaimSocial started as a campaign two years ago. The idea was empowered by Lightful, a UK tech-for-good company. In a year that social media scandals and negative stories were becoming more relevant, there was also a growing need for a focus on the positive side of social networks. People are craving for inspiring stories on their social media feeds and that’s how the campaign ended up trending on the day.

A year after, on February 6, 2019, the campaign grew even stronger. In the second running year, it reached 40 million people with nonprofits and individuals all over the world joining forces to share their own positive stories. The message was clear that we can all reclaim social media for good, one post at a time. Charities quickly jumped to this movement to highlight their impact and their amazing work. It was obvious that this conversation needs to continue beyond this annual campaign. That’s how the #ReclaimSocial podcast came to life. From big charities to individual acts of kindness, the goal is to make social media for all of us more inspiring and inspire us to be positive every day.


Please RSVP for the #ReclaimSocial Twitter Takeover on Facebook to let us know that you’ll be joining us on June 4th. Facebook will send a notification on the morning of. Thank you!

The 2019 Global NGO Technology Survey is now live! If you work at a nonprofit or NGO, please volunteer 6-8 minutes of your time and take the survey. The survey is 100% anonymous and available in 4 languages. The results will be released in the 4th edition of the Global NGO Technology Report on September 16, 2019.