By Abe Batthish, founder of Flixxaid

In a world with a multitude of social media platforms already out there on the web, why would the world use one more dedicated to support nonprofits?

There’s no denying the power of social media and its ability to harness the power of the internet. So, when looking to help nonprofits with some of their top challenges:

  • Reaching out to a broader audience
  • Engaging with younger generations
  • Tapping into new revenue streams

The decision to launch a new social network, namely Flixxaid, was obvious.

The power of social media to help drive social good

The social internet, in particular social mobile apps, are the communication form of choice for Millennials and Gen Z. With video storytelling being their preferred medium, what better way to help nonprofits than raise awareness and engagement with a young audience?

The nagging question however is, will the world accept yet another social media platform? Will they download one more app? Create and sign into one more profile? And regularly check one more feed? The answer is Yes for the following four reasons:

1) People spend large amounts of time online

Is online life taking over our real life? Maybe. The latest Digital 2019 Report indicates that internet users spend an average of 6 hours a day online, or a total of 100 days a year. Half of that time is spent on mobile devices. Amazing.

However, the internet can be a stressful place with many negative and sad stories and visuals. Flixxaid aims to balance this part of the internet by being a positive source on the web and where nonprofits can spread positivity through the power of social networking. The hope though is that Flixxaid will be a platform that can focus our screen time on something positive and with purpose.

2) A video network for collaborative creativity

Video is the medium of choice these days, especially for younger generations. More than 500 million hours of video is watched on YouTube every day and viewers retain 95% of a video message compared to 10% when reading it in text.

Flixxaid enables nonprofits to share video messages to raise awareness and empowers their supporters to share their personal stories and volunteer experiences, and raise awareness around a cause in an engaging and memorable way. All while actively fundraising, since a donate button to the related nonprofit’s verified donation page is embedded within each post.

3) A platform for virtual events and fundraisers

Many nonprofits rely heavily on large social fundraising events in the physical world as their primary source of revenue for the year, but with COVID-19 imposing new rules on our physical lives, many nonprofits are struggling to find new ways to supplement this critical source of revenue. On Flixxaid, your nonprofit’s supporters can easily share videos of their virtual participation and fundraise.

4) A commitment to social responsibility

Many of the big social media corporations have been scrutinized lately for their handling of users’ personal data. Flixxaid is committed to being 100% transparent with any information collected from its users. The intent is clearly stated in our policy and all information requested is optional. We also abide by GDPR (EU) and California state privacy laws that came into effect in 2020.

Flixxaid: A New Mobile App for Social Good