Each year Nonprofit Tech for Good features a new set of online fundraising tools that are timely and relevant for the year to come. This year’s tools tap into fundraising trends that have emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, from t-shirt fundraising for virtual events to contactless in-person giving.

1. Bonfire :: bonfire.com

Bonfire enables nonprofits to easily design and raise funds by selling t-shirts online. Ideal for virtual events and cause awareness campaigns.

2. Gifted :: gifted.com

Ideal for virtual parties, Gifted is an event invitation platform that allows party organizers to donate up to 100% of funds raised to select nonprofits in the United States and Canada.

3. GroupRaise :: groupraise.com

Best for local nonprofits, GroupRaise empowers nonprofits to partner with restaurants for fundraising. Good for restaurants struggling during COVID-19 and nonprofits.

4. Helpen :: helpen.com

Helpen is an interesting fundraising concept that combines voice giving with print. Designed to inspire generosity in children, members are mailed monthly postcards featuring nonprofits and then the family can listen to the impact of their giving through Alexa.

5. Jewelry for Good :: jewelryforgood.org

Jewelry for Good enables donors to mail in their unused or unwanted gold, platinum, and silver items and choose to donate the proceeds to any nonprofit in the United States.

6. Omaze :: omaze.com

Omaze is an online sweepstakes platform that offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences and prizes that raise money for nonprofits. The prizes are high-end and often involve celebrities, so it’s not an open platform for all nonprofits, but if your nonprofit has a connection with an influencer, Omaze could be for your nonprofit.

7. Overflow :: overflow.co

Overflow technology enables donors to transfer stocks directly to nonprofits, rather than cashing out stocks and donating the cash. A simple idea whose time has arrived.

8. RoundUp App :: roundupapp.com

The RoundUp App allows donors to easily round up their credit card purchases to donate monthly to any nonprofit in the United states. Donors can also set a minimum amount to give monthly to their favorite nonprofits.

9. TipTap :: tiptappay.com

TipTap are small contactless devices that accept donations with one swipe. It’s ideal for museums, zoos, and any place that accepts point-of-sale donations.

10. Virtual Quiz Events :: virtualquizevents.com

Virtual Quiz Events allows nonprofits to host online quiz event fundraisers for large groups of people. Ideal for Cause Awareness & Giving Days.

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