Each year Nonprofit Tech for Good features a new set of niche online fundraising tools that are timely and relevant for the year to come. From accepting stock donations online to using TikTok for fundraising, these tools represent current trends in fundraising that will continue to mature throughout 2022.

1. DonateStock :: donatestock.com

DonateStock allows US-based nonprofits to easily claim and create a branded page that enables donors to give stock donations online to that nonprofit.

Screenshot of the DonateStock homepage

2. GivePanel :: givepanel.com

GivePanel empowers nonprofits to better use Facebook Fundraising Tools by providing an easy way to thank all fundraisers, collect contact details, and track results.

Screenshot of the GivePanel homepage

3. GolfStatus.org :: golfstatus.org

Golf fundraisers have emerged during the pandemic to be a reliable, Covid-19 friendly fundraiser. GolfStatus.org enables nonprofits to easily accept registrations for tournaments, feature sponsors, and utilize online leaderboards.

Screenshot of the GolfStatus.org homepage

4. Ink to the People :: inktothepeople.com

Ink to the People enables nonprofits to easily create t-shirt fundraisers. The service handles payment processing, inventory, and shipping. In 2023, we’ll likely see a similar service for t-shirts in the Metaverse.

Screenshot of the Ink to the People homepage

5. OpenSea :: opensea.io

OpenSea is the world’s first and largest NFT marketplace, yet very few nonprofits are creating and selling their own NFTs on OpenSea (see Carver Society as an example). That said, next year’s list will likely feature a yet-to-be-launched marketplace solely for nonprofits and NFT fundraisers.

Screenshot of the OpenSea homepage

6. RoundUp App :: roundupapp.com

The RoundUp App allows donors to easily round up their credit card purchases to donate monthly to any nonprofit in the United States. Donors can also set a minimum amount to give monthly to their favorite nonprofits.

Screenshot of the RoundUp App homepage

7. Tapkat :: tapkat.com

Tapkat enables nonprofits to create online fundraising sweepstakes. Donors buy virtual tickets to be entered to win prizes offered by nonprofits. For more information, see Tapkat’s 10 Best Practices for launching an online sweepstakes.

Screenshot of the TapKat homepage

8. TikTok Donations :: info.tiltify.com

Currently, less than 100 organizations can accept donations via TikTok. If TikTok wants to significantly elevate its TikTok for Good program in 2022, then the company should work with Tiltify and GuideStar to expand donation capability to all 1.6 million nonprofits in the United States. After that, they can partner with other verification services to expand globally.

Screenshot of the Malala Fund on TikTok

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