Earn a Certificate in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Marketing & Fundraising

AI is not going to replace digital marketers and fundraisers, but when used effectively, AI can help you become a more efficient and successful digital marketer and fundraiser. This three-webinar certificate program provides an honest, balanced approach to using AI for nonprofit marketing and fundraising—and illuminates why human creativity is more valuable than ever.

Designed for nonprofit professionals, this webinar series will expand your skill set, advance your career, and help transition your nonprofit into the age of AI. To earn the Certificate in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Marketing & Fundraising, the following three webinars are required:

1) An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Marketing & Fundraising
January 15, 2025 • 1.5 hours

  • What is AI and why it matters to nonprofit marketers and fundraisers
  • An exploration of key concepts and terminology
  • The pros and cons of using AI for marketing and fundraising
  • How to create an AI policy for your nonprofit

2) How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Content Marketing
January 22, 2025 • 1.5 hours

  • An introduction to prompting and personas
  • How to use generative AI tools for research and writing
  • How to create visual and video content using AI tools
  • The impact of AI on website and email marketing, social media, and SEO

3) How to Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Fundraising
January 29, 2025 • 1.5 hours

  • The power of predictive AI for donor prospecting and outreach
  • How to use generative AI tools for fundraising campaigns
  • An exploration of the top new AI fundraising tools for nonprofits

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The webinars are presented by Heather Mansfield of Nonprofit Tech for Good and the total cost for the certificate program is $159 USD. There are no refunds.

You can attend the webinars live or watch the recordings – or a combination of both.  A link to the recording and a comprehensive set of notes are sent within 24 hours after each live webinar is over. Please visit GoToWebinar’s Attendee System Check for information on how to join and attend this webinar.

To earn and claim your certificate:

  1. View all three webinars (4.5 hours of training).
  2. Request your certificate via email from Heather Mansfield. Please include the passphrase presented in each webinar and how you would like your name featured on the certificate.
  3. Within 3-4 business days, you will be sent a PDF of your certificate for printing and a link to your certificate in image format for easy sharing on LinkedIn and other social media.