Most nonprofits approach social media with the strategy of increasing awareness for their cause by posting and sharing content on their profiles and then when time permits, engaging their fans and followers as they respond to the content posted and shared by the nonprofits. That’s what social media marketing is and the premise upon which all social media strategies are conceived, launched, and maintained.

However, the most popular social media sites on the Social Web today have built in micro-engagement mechanisms that very few nonprofits ever use. Most nonprofits simply post, share and respond, but very few like, +1, favorite, list, repin, or reblog. It’s grunt work which many nonprofit’s do not have the time for or the endurance to maintain, but every time your nonprofit does one of the six actions listed below, your nonprofit’s avatar get increased exposure on the Social Web – and as a result more fans and followers.

1) Use Facebook as your page and like and comment on other pages.


2) Be generous with +1’s and comments on Google+.


3) Favorite and list others on Twitter.


4) Be generous with likes, comments, and repins on Pinterest:


5) Be generous with likes, reblogs, and replies on Tumblr.


6) Like and comment on blog posts on WordPress.

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