12-statsUntil recently the nonprofit pioneers of the Social Web had to mostly rely on their intuition that their social media campaigns were resulting in more dollars raised online, an increase in brand and cause awareness, and higher rates of volunteer recruitment and retention. However, as LinkedIn, Blogger and Myspace all celebrate their 10-year anniversary this year, nonprofits have now had a decade to study and experiment with social media and create systems for successfully launching and tracking the value of their social media campaigns. Without a doubt the benefits of using social media successfully are starting to pay off and there are numerous recent reports and studies prove it.

That said, congrats to the early adopters! After spending all these years investing time and resources into building and engaging your online communities before there was proof that your time and resources were well spent, your nonprofit is now in the best position to reap the benefits of a powerful, action-oriented Social Web. Your instincts have served you well.

1. 41% of nonprofits attribute their social media success to having developed a detailed social media strategy.

social media strategy for nonprofits
Source: Avectra

2. 47% of Americans learn about causes via social media and online channels.

how americans learn about causesSource: Avectra

3. Animals, children, and health & wellness are the most shared and talked about causes on social media.

popular-causes-on-social-meSource: Waggener Edstrom

4. 56% of those that support nonprofits on the Social Web confirm that compelling storytelling is what motivates them to take action on behalf of nonprofits.

what motivates supporters to talk actionSource: Waggener Edstrom

5. 55% of those who engage with nonprofits via social media have been inspired to
take further action.

donors with social media
Source: Waggener Edstrom

6. 57% of Facebook Fans “Like” a charity on Facebook because they want to publicly display their support of the nonprofit to their friends.

why-supporters-like-nonprofSource: Waggener Edstrom

7. 43% of Facebook Fans “Unlike” a charity on Facebook because
they posted too often.

why-supporters-unlike-nonprSource: Waggener Edstrom

8. For every 1,000 e-newsletter subscriber, nonprofits have 149 Facebook Fans.

for-every-1000-email-subscrSource: M+R and NTEN

9. The number of followers nonprofits have on Twitter grew by 264% s in 2012.

nonprofit-explosion-in-twitSource: M+R and NTEN

10. In an average peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, 15-18% of donations are referred directly from Facebook.

donations--referred-from-faSource: Artez

11. The average social media donation is $59 and growing each year.

average-donation-is-$59Source: MDG Advertising

12. Using Twitter during fundraising events can result in 10X more
money raised online.

twitter-fundraisingSource: MDG Advertising

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