google plus custom urls for nonprofitsLast year Google+ began enabling page admins to reserve custom URLs for their Google+ Pages, but the service was offered to a relatively small number of verified pages of well-known brands and celebrities. However, last week Google+ began rolling out the ability to reserve a custom URL, such as, to all page admins provided that your page has been active for at least 30 days, has a minimum of ten followers, has uploaded a profile photo, and has been linked to your website.

All that said, most nonprofits will only be offered their website URL as their custom URL. For example, Kiva could reserve because they linked their Google+ Page to If your nonprofit wants to reserve a different custom URL for your Google+ Page, then you will have to wait for Google+ to launch that service and past experience dictates that your wait could be as long as six months to a year. In the meantime, do not reserve the custom URL suggested by Google+ because once confirmed it can not be changed. To reserve a custom URL for your Google+ Page:

1. Go to Profile > About > Links

Google Plus URL 1

2. Confirm custom URL.

Google Plus URL 2

Final Note: Many of you may wonder why the Nonprofit Organizations page was offered During the first attempt to reserve a custom URL for my page the option was not listed. Only was available. Three days later, was added and I am not sure why. My guess is that is has something to do with a customer service phone call I had with a Google staffer almost two years ago. He offered to verify my page at that time which “should make it easier when you want to reserve a custom URL.” Unfortunately, the ability to verify pages no longer exists.

HOW TO: Reserve a Custom URL for Your Nonprofit’s Google+ Page