YouTube Playlists NonprofitsNonprofits that do not create a lot of their own video content can still have an engaging YouTube Channel by curating videos relevant to your nonprofit’s mission and programs. Just because your nonprofit didn’t create a video doesn’t mean you can’t feature it on your channel. By adding videos to “Playlists” and then displaying those playlists as “Sections” on your channel, your nonprofit can have an engaging YouTube channel that makes a strong first impression. That said, if your nonprofit does create a lot video content, you should also invest time in organizing and displaying your videos into playlists and sections.

Step 1: Create a playlist of at least four videos.

Playlists displayed horizontally on your YouTube Channel require a minimum of four videos to fill in the entire section. Research and “Add to Playlist” at least four videos that speak to your nonprofit’s mission and programs. When you add your first video, you will be prompted to create and name your playlist. All videos thereafter can be added by selecting the playlist.

YouTube Nonprofits One

YouTube Nonprofits Two

Step 2: Add your new playlist as a section to your channel.

To display your new playlist(s) on your YouTube Channel, you must add it as section and then use the up or down arrows to feature it on your channel.

YouTube Nonprofits Three

YouTube Nonprofits Four

YouTube Nonprofits Five

Step 3: Add your website, icons, and channel banner.

Since your nonprofit will be driving more traffic to your YouTube Channel, be sure to add your website, icons, and a channel banner to your channel. Since the launch of the YouTube One Channel design in March 2013 only a small fraction of nonprofits have updated their YouTube Channel.

YouTube Nonprofits Seven