6 Way Nonprofits Can Use Instagram for FundraisingInstagram’s current tool set makes it very challenging for nonprofits to convert their Instagram followers into donors. Over time through powerful visual storytelling a nonprofit can build a strong brand and grow their Instagram following, but without the ability to link to a donate page inside of Instagram, it’s difficult to inspire your Instagram followers to do more than simply like and comment on your photos. However, provided your nonprofit has the graphic design skills necessary to embed text and graphics upon images, you can use Instagram for fundraising.

All that said, it’s very likely that in the future Instagram will allow images to be attached to links (such asĀ mobile-optimized digital wallet donate pages) and with more than 150 million active users, the early adopter nonprofits on Instagram are well-positioned when Instagram becomes an overnight fundraising success story.

1. Promote your website.

2. Promote your text-to-give campaigns.

3. Launch a hashtag fundraising campaign.

4. Promote fundraising events.

5. Offer promotional discounts.

6. Thank your donors.