Most Popular Social Media SitesThe nonprofit sector has a large community of technology bloggers committed to helping nonprofits stay current on emerging trends in social media, online fundraising, and mobile technology. There are these 35 nonprofit marketing blogs and these 25 must-read nonprofit IT blogs as well as these 8 great nonprofit resources. You can also browse 300+ on Twitter at @nonprofitorgs/lists/bloggers-resources. Reading the official blogs of the social media sites that we use most often is also useful and it may be time to add some new bookmarks to your browsers.

1. Facebook Newsroom ::
Facebook has 1.44 billion monthly users.

Facebook Stories

2. YouTube Creator Blog ::
YouTube has 1 billion monthly users.

YouTube Blog

3. LinkedIn Official Blog ::
LinkedIn has 347 million monthly users.

LinkedIn Blog

4. Instagram Blog ::
Instagram has 300 million monthly users.

Instagram Blog

5. Official Twitter Blog ::
Twitter has 288 million monthly users.

Twitter Blog

6. Reddit Blog ::
Snapchat has 174 million monthly users.

Reddit Blog

7. Snapchat Blog ::
Snapchat has 100 million monthly users.

SnapChat Blog

8. Blog :: has 75 million monthly users.

WordPress Blog

9. Oh, How Pinteresting! Blog ::
Pinterest has 70 million monthly users.

Pinterest Blog

10. Tumblr Blog ::
Tumblr has 50 million monthly users.

Tumblr Blog

BONUS: Google for Nonprofits Blog ::

Google for Nonprofits Blog