Twitter Images FacebookIt is true that tweets with images receive more engagement, but how much more engagement depends on the quality of the images and if they are properly sized for Twitter (1024  x  512 pixels or a 2:1 aspect ratio). If your nonprofit is committed to maximizing engagement on Twitter, then you must create visually compelling call-to-action images for fundraising and advocacy campaigns. As we begin preparing for another year-end fundraising season spent tweeting and retweeting, studying the images below and creating a series of your own would be time and financial resources well spent.

 1. Sign online petition and pledges.

Twitter Image Pledge 2

2. Make a donation.

Twitter Image Survival International

 3. Participate in a crowdfunding campaign.

Twitter Image Fundraise for Us 2

4. Save the date and attend events.

Twitter Image Independent Sector

5. Enter a contest.

Twitter Image Alley Global Citizen

6. Take advantage of special promotions or sales.

Twitter Image best friends animal society 2

 7. Apply for an internship or become a volunteer.

Twitter Image HRC

8. Participate in hashtag campaign.

Twitter Image ONE

9. Call elected officials (or socially irresponsible companies).

Twitter Image Feeding America

10. Become a member.

Twitter Image EFF

11. Complete an online survey or poll.

Twitter Image PIR Survey

12. Attend a webinar.

Twitter Image Alley Cat Allies

Mobile for Good: A How-To Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits

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