By Gary Wohlfeill, Director of Marketing at CrowdRise, who works with partners to develop highly engaging fundraising campaigns and leads the marketing team in developing the CrowdRise brand.

Often, nonprofits are spending time focused on cultivating Millennial support due to the immense impact this powerful generation has on the world.

However, what they may be missing is the larger, and potentially even more powerful, generation creeping up right behind them. Generation Z.

1) The Gen Z generation spends a median of 5 hours a day on their phone.

With such a large part of their waking hours spent on a mobile device, now, more than ever, it’s important to have an online presence that’s fully mobile responsive. And when we say mobile responsive, we don’t just mean that your website looks good when loaded up on a mobile device. We mean that every action that your supporters take, from making a donation to setting up their own DIY fundraiser, is designed for mobile. No image resizing, no scrolling – no matter the device.

2) 59% of Gen Zs were inspired to donate to a charity through a social media message.

Generation Z is no stranger to the social nature of the world we live in. They learn about causes that are important to them from family, friends, and the social profiles of others. This authentic way of discovery leads to more engagement, and it’s a big reason why nonprofits should add social fundraising to their fundraising toolkit.

3) 1 in 5 Gen Zs say that their impact in the world is an important issue in their day-to-day life.

As the largest, and still growing, generation, tapping into this group of individuals can offer a chance to foster relationships that have the potential to result in long-term support for your cause. And for Gen Z, support doesn’t just mean donations, but also volunteering and fundraising on behalf of your cause.

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