UPDATE: This webinar was presented on August 13, 2019. You can view a recap of the webinar on the Classy website.

If it seems like we’ve been talking about 2020 for decades—it’s because we have been. Over the last century futurists and experts in nearly every field have made some kind of declarative prediction for 2020 and what the world would be like when it finally arrived.

To answer this question, the team at Classy has researched and identified five trends they believe will impact the nonprofit fundraising space the most. Below is a sneak peek at the trends their team will discuss:

  1. Big Results for Nonprofits That Embrace Flexible Work Environments
  2. The Resurgence of the ‘Election Effect’ as the Political Climate Continues to Heat Up
  3. A Call for Greater Impact Transparency and Global Effectiveness
  4. The Concept of Integrated Giving Will Empower Everyday Donors
  5. The Rise of Giving Experiences and Conversations About Sustainable Impact

The webinar was live-tweeted from @nonprofitorgs. Please follow and share you thoughts using the #NPtech20 hashtag.