By Erin Booker, Head of Content at Funraise, a fundraising platform built for fundraisers by fundraisers with 20+ third-party integrations.

We’ve talked a lot recently about taking your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy digital. How to make the transition to virtual events, social fundraising, and livestream everything.

But what if you’ve already been dipping your toes in that sparkling water? What’s your next step?

It’s time to talk integrations, nonprofit friend. Your best bud. 

Here are 5 integrations that will take your virtual fundraising to another level and 3 more that’ll get you started if you’re still gearing up to go on that digital journey.

1) Facebook Fundraising

Facebook is where it’s at for so many fundraisers. You don’t have to learn a new digital tool or have a large, established audience of already-informed donors to take advantage of Facebook’s fundraising benefits and donor data deposited in your donor CRM.

2)Apple Pay

Apple Pay is one of the most convenient payment methods available to buyers—or donors—anywhere. Linking your campaign pages to this payment method opens your nonprofit to a new world of supporters and currencies, exponentially increasing the importance of all that new donor data as it’s dropped in your donor CRM.

3) Twitch

Ahhh, livestreaming, the new fundraising frontier. And Twitch, the most popular livestream platform, with 15 million daily active users. When you connect your fundraising platform with your livestreaming platform, your impact can be multiplied by millions.

4) BitPay

Bitcoin sounds fancy, we know. But more and more donors are turning to this digital currency during times of uncertainty, as international boundaries both solidify and soften. Expand your ability to accept donations across borders on your donation pages.

5) Double the Donation

Corporate donation matching is rapidly gaining momentum, and the easiest, most hand-holding-est, follow-the-money-from-start-to-finish-est matching program to link your campaign pages with is Double the Donation. The amount of effort and assistance Double the Donation offers is unmatched, and it can truly double your donations.

The 5 integrations above are essential integrations for the virtual fundraising virtuoso. Below are must-have integrations to start your dive into digital fundraising. 

6) Mailchimp

If you’re sending individual emails to your donors, don’t stop. But DO open up a whole new communication channel with bulk emails. Email service providers like Mailchimp allow you to land in your supporters’ inboxes, and when you connect them to your donor CRM, you can break out donor segments and send emails automatically.

7) PayPal

The payment processing name everyone knows. If you’re accepting donations online—and you should be—you need to have this processor integrated with your donor CRM. No two ways around it; this is where you start.

8) Address Autocomplete

Having accurate, updated addresses for your donors is crucial to your ability to… do anything! Communicate, accept donations, segment your donors, plan events—we could go on, but let’s get back to that little address thing. Connect your donation form to an address autocomplete integration and the days of re-entering data or fixing formatting are over.

There you have it; must-have integrations to link with your nonprofit CRM. For fundraisers who wanna jump to digital donations or who are ready to make the most of their virtual fundraising investment, schedule a demo with Funraise.

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