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As you review your fundraising plans and goals for the past year, it’s easy to look back and see a year marked by postponed and cancelled events. But it was also a year of tremendous opportunity and exploration into the virtual event space for many nonprofits around the world. Virtual events enable your nonprofit to plan for a year of successful fundraising safely and confidently, no matter what happens next.

After nearly ten months of almost exclusively helping nonprofits hold virtual events and fundraisers, the team at MobileCause has honed in on what your nonprofit needs to support a year of memorable and lucrative fundraising. That’s why we’re providing you with free resources for planning, promoting and executing a successful virtual fundraising event. With these nine resources at your disposal, your nonprofit will be primed to meet and exceed your 2021 fundraising goals. 

Planning Your Virtual Fundraising Event

1) [Infographic] Virtual Fundraising Event and Campaign Ideas

Still brainstorming ideas for a virtual fundraiser this Spring? Our infographic, Virtual Fundraising Event and Campaign Ideas, brings you 10 effective ways to take your event online. We share how to make the ideas happen, how to put them into action, plus creative uses to get you going when you’re ready. Check out this infographic before diving into any of your event planning for the year.

2) [Checklist & Planner] for Virtual Fundraising Events 

Even if you haven’t selected an idea for a virtual fundraiser, you can begin planning other aspects of your campaign including strategies, outreach, promotion and more. Check out our Virtual Fundraising Events Checklist & Planner for a handy rundown of everything you’ll need for a successful virtual event. This comprehensive checklist will help you save time, stay organized and raise more donations. We even provide some great kickoff questions to help focus your efforts and get you going quickly.

3) [Campaign Calendars] for Virtual Fundraising Events

Whether you already have a virtual fundraising event in the works or you’re still deep in the brainstorming phase, you’ll need to manage the multitude of tasks on your plate quickly and efficiently. Save yourself valuable time with our Campaign Calendars for Virtual Fundraising Events. You’ll get calendars for both livestreaming and pre-recorded virtual events with all the planning essentials in one recommended timeline. We’ll help you Set Up, Promote, Remind, Inspire, Thank and Engage your donors using virtual events.

4) [eBook] 5 Steps to the Perfect Virtual Fundraising Event Program

When you’re ready for a more in-depth guide to virtual event planning, check out our ebook, 5 Steps to the Perfect Virtual Fundraising Event Program for not only the virtual fundraising event set-up essentials, but also the five easy steps you can take to build a dynamic virtual event presentation that’s sure to engage your audience and motivate supporters. We’ve even thrown in a handy virtual event program checklist to keep you organized before, during and after.

5) [eBook] Successful Virtual Fundraising Events: Inspiring Stories from Nonprofits

We gathered our best case studies from real-world nonprofits, like yours, to share with you the tools, tips and strategies they used in pivoting to virtual events. Successful Virtual Fundraising Events: Inspiring Stories from Nonprofits eBook shows how these nonprofits created entertaining and engaging virtual fundraisers that expanded “attendance,” livestreamed for their cause, boosted donations and even how several increased their net profits over the previous year’s in-person event during tumultuous times.

Promoting Your Virtual Fundraising Event

6) [eBook] Compelling Storytelling for Virtual Fundraisers

You know you need a powerful story to share with your donors and supporters. One that will grab their attention, pull at their heartstrings and motivate them to give. But how do you craft compelling content and messaging that gets seen, creates a connection, motivates giving and inspires them to attend your next virtual fundraising event?

Here to the rescue is our Compelling Storytelling for Virtual Fundraisers guide. We’ll walk you through the perfect storytelling structure that even Hollywood blockbusters use to get noticed. Learn insider tips on how to apply that powerful structure to your virtual fundraiser and the expert tools and strategies to more effectively get your message out and inspire more giving.

7) [Infographic] 7 Ways to Help Your Virtual Fundraising Event Achieve In-Person Results

You want your virtual fundraising event to shine – to receive lots of “attendees” or viewers and connect donors with your mission. Yet, you also need it to be an effective fundraiser so you increase revenue and raise even more than your in-person fundraisers from previous years.

That’s why we’ve put together our quick-guide infographic, 7 Ways to Help Your Virtual Fundraising Event Achieve In-Person Results. Filled with expert tools, creative tips and how-tos that you’ll want to ensure you have in place to help bolster giving and raise more revenue during your virtual event.

Executing Your Virtual Fundraising Event

8) [Tech Setup Guide] for Virtual Fundraising Events

Don’t let the concept of “streaming” hinder your virtual event planning. Here to break it down and remove the guesswork from identifying and setting up your streaming technology, including diagrams, is our ebook, Tech Setup Guide for Virtual Fundraising Events.

Whether you want to go fully live for an in-the moment experience, pre-record your presentation for more control over your elements or a hybrid of both, we’ve got you covered! Our easy-to-use diagrams give a high-level view of the best and easiest ways to stream to one or multiple platforms (with any combination of elements) and how to boost post-event replay to help increase giving.

9) [Infographic] Fact or Fiction: Misconceptions of Virtual Fundraisers

Virtual events are not new to the fundraising scene, but may be a new endeavor for your nonprofit. Because of this, you may have questions or misinformation about how effective they really are. 

Here to help reassure you and reveal some surprising truths about planning and hosting virtual events is our infographic, Fact or Fiction: Misconceptions of Virtual Fundraisers. You’ll not only get the lowdown on how much your virtual fundraising event can achieve (hint: it’s a lot), but also insider strategies for engaging your audience and community while generating revenue for your nonprofit.

Whether planning for your 100th or very first virtual event, MobileCause has the resources and tools you need to plan, promote, and execute your event for maximum results. Make these resources a part of your fundraising routine for 2021 and beyond to create opportunities for your mission to reach an even wider audience. 

Launched in 2008, MobileCause pioneered the use of text-to-donate in the nonprofit sector. In the years since they have expanded to offer online, mobile, and event fundraising solutions, peer-to-peer campaigns, mobile messaging, robust reporting & analytics, and CRM integration.