If your nonprofit is thinking about planning a golf fundraiser in 2023—whether it’s a brand new event or an established tournament—there are a few simple steps to take right now to make sure your outing is set up for success.

1. Start With Technology

The right technology tools are key to easy planning and successful execution of a golf fundraiser. Because golf events have unique components—like handicaps, flighting, hole assignments, scoring—having a platform that’s specifically designed for golf is crucial. Look for a provider with online registration that populates an intuitive backend to manage player and sponsor information in real-time and in one accessible place. Get your tech in place early so you can start promoting the tournament and collecting registrations as soon as possible.

2. Launch an Event Website

The earlier the better! An event website gives supporters a centralized place to find more information about the organization and event, purchase teams and sponsorships, and even make a donation. Direct all your promotion to the website so folks can take action to support your cause and event as soon as they hear about it.

A screenshot of a fundraising website for a golf tournament.

 3. Send Save-the-Dates

Get your event on donors’ minds early and in front of sponsors amid annual budget planning. As soon as you have a date set with the golf facility, send a quick email to your contact database as well as individual emails to major donors and supporters to get it on their calendars and into their budgets. If you send postcards or any printed materials, include a QR code that links directly to your event website.

4. Plan on Live-Scoring

Live-scoring has a ton of advantages—you can sell a leaderboard sponsorship and individual digital hole sponsorships, share leaderboards online to engage more supporters and collect donations, keep golfers engaged throughout the round, and even finalize results quickly so you can keep the day moving forward. Make sure your live-scoring platform is reliable and simple to use.

A screenshot of live scoring on a golf fundraiser website.

5. Look for New Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorships are the bread and butter of a golf tournament’s fundraising. Organizers should think outside the box when it comes to sponsor exposure and even types of sponsorships to offer. Digital exposure provides a ton of ROI for sponsors wanting to get their business and brands in front of an audience of affluent members of the community, so look for an event management option that has robust sponsor exposure across multiple touchpoints. Elements that add fun and excitement to your event, like hole-in-one contests, are also a prime sponsorship opportunity (and cover the contest’s fixed costs). Consider selling other high-end sponsorships, like pin flags, technology, or leaderboard sponsorships.

Ready to Start Planning?

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