Your nonprofit does incredible, life-changing work. Your year-end fundraising campaigns should show your donors what you’ve accomplished together over the past year, and invite them to give toward an even brighter future.

Excellent year-end campaigns need to strike a balance between hitting uplifting emotional beats that are relevant to your mission and delivering a compelling case for why people should support your nonprofit. Done well, your year-end campaigns (print, email, and social media) will inspire donors to give generously at year’s end and throughout the year after.

1. Include inspiring stories and testimonials

Show your donors how their giving makes a difference for your mission. Pare down the most inspiring stories from the past year into bite-sized stories or quotes, and your donors will feel proud to be a part of your team.

2. Feature beautiful photos illustrating donor impact

Pair your impact stories with high-quality photos showcasing the difference you make in your community. Even if your supporters don’t take the time to read your letter all the way through (odds are, they won’t!), they’ll see powerful images that will inspire them to give in a matter of seconds.

3. Use compelling design

Tie all of your year-end materials together by weaving a campaign-specific design through everything your donors will see, including emails, your website, social media posts, and direct mail pieces.

4. Include a clear and compelling call to action

Give your supporters a simple and obvious path forward. It’s critical to capture their energy in the moment, while they’re excited and inspired to give.

For emails, your donate button should be eye-catching with short and clear text. Even something as straightforward as “GIVE NOW” works well! For direct mail, include a reply device and return envelope so your donors don’t have to track down an envelope or stamp at home. On social media, pair your posts with a link to your donation form.

5. Embrace a multichannel fundraising strategy

Multichannel fundraising refers to reaching the same donors through multiple communication methods, or channels. For example, you might pair a direct mail appeal letter with a follow-up email that includes a video or other interactive element.

Taking a multichannel approach to your year-end fundraising campaign can help you ensure that you reach as many donors as possible. Our free 4 Strategies to Build Multichannel Donor Relationships guide provides you with the tips and tools you need to prime all of your channels, from your website to your direct mail appeals, for maximum exposure and engagement.


About the Author

Emily Lefferts is a copywriter at DonorPerfect – a top-rated donor management system and fundraising platform for nonprofits.