Liberal female Gen Xers may not be the majority of online donors, but they definitely are the demographic participating most in the 2017 Global Trends in Giving Survey. Good for them and thank you, however, the inaugural edition of the Global Trends in Giving Report to be released September 4, 2017 will only be as good as the data it represents.

We need more diversity in our survey respondents (!!) in terms of gender, age, political and religious affiliation, and geographical location. Whoever you are, where ever your are, if you have donated to a nonprofit within the last 12 months, then please volunteer 3-5 minutes of your time and participate in the survey. The survey is 100% anonymous and published in English, español, and français. As the world’s first ever attempt to study individual giving on a global scale, nonprofits worldwide are hungry for data that represents and speaks for the global donor community. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

2017 Global Trends in Giving Survey Respondent Data
(1,457 respondents as of May 19, 2017 – Survey closes June 30)

1. 60% of survey respondents identify as very liberal or somewhat liberal.

2. 76% of survey respondents are female.

3. 34% of survey respondents are Gen Xers.

4. 79% of survey participants chose online giving as one of two preferred methods of giving.

5. 50% of the survey respondents live in the United States. 19% in Australia. 10% in Canada.

6. Of those that are inspired to give during religious holidays, 80% of survey respondents give during Christian holidays. 3% during Jewish holidays. 2% during Buddhist holidays.