Social media changes so frequently that unless your NGO has a full-time social media manager who has the time to consistently research and adopt emerging trends, odds are your NGO is using social media in ways that are no longer effective. The webinar content below was presented by Heather Mansfield on September 19, 2017 to 1,175 nonprofit staff. It was the final presentation of the social media excellence webinar. To register for future free webinars, please see the Nonprofit Tech for Good Webinar Schedule.

1. Social media is integrated into your website and blog.

  • To grow your following on social networks, ensure that your NGO has prominently featured social network icons on every page of your website and blog.
  • Use a premium social sharing service for web pages and blog posts, such as Social Warfare ($29/yr).

2. Social media is integrated into your email campaigns.

3. Social media is integrated into your online giving campaigns.

4. Your NGO consistently creates written content.

5. Your NGO consistently creates visual content.

6. Your NGO has a visually compelling avatar that is used consistently on all social networks.

  • Donors and followers will associate your NGO with your avatar. Make sure it’s square, colorful, simple, well-designed, and includes very little text: Oceana

7. Your NGO is active on at least two social networks and experimenting with a third.

  • Facebook is a must for all NGOs. Your second social network should be based on the demographics and social media habits of your supporters and donors (U.S. data, Global data). The most likely choice for your second social network is Twitter or Instagram.
  • Your third social network should be one outside of the norm, but relevant to your supporter and donor base, such as a Pinterest, Snapchat, WhatsApp, LINE, etc.

8. Your NGO has claimed your LinkedIn Page and you post a minimum of once a week.

9. Your NGO is an early adopter of digital payments.

10. Your NGO has a written social media strategy.

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