The 2021 Open Data Project [españolfrançais] seeks to gain a better understanding of how nonprofits, NGOs, and charities worldwide use technology for digital marketing and fundraising. At the core of the project is the 2021 Global NGO Technology Survey. If you work at a charitable organization and have not yet taken the survey, then please do! Once submitted, you will be provided instant access all the data covering website and email communications, online fundraising tools, social media, and productivity and security software. The survey data is available in real-time by region and country.

That said, the data below highlights how nonprofits use websites and is based on the survey responses of nearly 500 nonprofit website managers worldwide. It’s worth noting that in the survey the questions about website communications are only presented to those that have working knowledge in nonprofit website management, thus ensuring that the data is sound to use as benchmarks in your nonprofit’s website communications strategy.

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1) 60% of nonprofits worldwide use WordPress as their website’s content management system. 6% use Wix. 5% use Squarespace.

2) 22% ensure that their website content designed for those with visual and hearing disabilities – up from 18% in 2019.

3) 20% have websites that are available in more than one language.

4) 75% of nonprofits worldwide use the .org domain for their primary website and email communications.

5) 94% have a website that is optimized for mobile browsing – up from 88% in 2019.

6) 68% have redesigned their website within the last three years.

7) 68% of nonprofits have a website security plan in place (daily backups, malware scanning, etc.).

8) 84% of nonprofits website have an SSL certificate – up from 70% in 2019.

9) 37% actively implement a year-round search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Of those, 9% include voice search.

10) 27% of nonprofits have experienced a cyberattack (email phishing, website hacking, malware/ransomware, etc.)?

11) 56% of nonprofit website managers feel like they are fairly compensated for their employment.

Why the Open Data Project?

Most research about digital marketing and fundraising in the nonprofit sector is based on data from wealthy nations and thus often not applicable to charitable organizations worldwide. The Open Data Project [españolfrançais] was created to address that lack of diversity in data.

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About the Author

Heather Mansfield is the founder and editor-in-chief of Nonprofit Tech for Good and producer of the Certificate in Digital Marketing & Fundraising program. Fueled by a strong passion for the Internet, Heather spends her days (and some nights) helping nonprofits, charities, and NGOs worldwide utilize the internet as a tool for social good.