Gen X Donors FacebookThere is a lot of discussion in the nonprofit sector about Millennials (a.k.a. Gen Y) and Baby Boomers and a growing interest in Gen Z a.k.a. #Philanthrokids, but almost no analysis of Generation X (aged 35-50 years). As the first generation to donate online and the generation that pioneered web design, email, blogging, and online advocacy, ignoring Gen X is a big mistake. As Gen X rebounds from the Great Recession, Gen Xers are entering their peak giving years and nonprofit fundraisers would be wise to pay more attention to how they give and why.

1. Despite the fact that Gen X lost more of its net worth during the Great Recession than other generations:

GEN X RecessionSource: Business Insider

2. Gen X gives generously to nonprofits – an average of $1,033.28 annually.

Gen X GivesSource: Abila

 3. Gen X volunteers more than other generations. In fact, 29.7% of Gen Xers in the United States volunteer.

Gen-X-VolunteersSource: Corporation for National and Community Service

4. Thus, nonprofits should give special attention to their Gen X volunteers since volunteers give twice as much as non-volunteers.

Volunteers Give MoreSource: Corporation for National and Community Service

5. The Gen X Hispanic donor community gives more than other generations while the Gen X Asian and African American donor communities give more than Matures and Millennials, but less than Baby Boomers.

Gen-X-Hispanics22Source: Blackbaud

Asian GivingSource: Blackbaud

African American GivingSource: Blackbaud

6. In the post-Great Recession economy, the household income of Gen X is higher than other generations.

High income of Gen XSource: Pew Research Center

7. Gen X donates to animal rescue and protection, environment and conservation, and health causes more than other generations.

Causes Gen x Cares aboutSource: Blackbaud

8. Gen X donates more frequently than other generations.

Gen X gives most oftenSource: Blackbaud

9. Gen X participates in peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns more than other generations.

Causes Gen x Cares peer to peerSource: Blackbaud

10. Gen X is tech savvy and appreciates nonprofits that embrace digital communications and fundraising – including mobile.

how to stay in touch with gen xSource: Blackbaud

social media generation xSource: Blackbaud

smartphone ownershipSource: Pew Research Center