By Stephanie Kanak, Content Strategist at Donor Perfect – a top-rated donor management system and fundraising platform for nonprofits.

Did you know that 63% of Giving Tuesday donors only give on Giving Tuesday? What if you could convert those one-time donors into engaged supporters that give again? That process begins on Welcome Wednesday, the day after Giving Tuesday. In the timeline below, we tell you exactly when to send emails designed to cultivate a relationship with your new Giving Tuesday supporters.

1) Day One: Welcome Wednesday & Thank You

When to send it: Wednesday, 12/2

Subject line: Giving Tuesday was a success, thanks to YOU!

Why send this email?

If you expect to retain your new Giving Tuesday donors, add saying “Thank You” to the top of your to-do list. GuideStar reports that new donors who receive a thank you within 48 hours of donating are four times more likely to give to your organization again.

Share the good news of any preliminary results you have from your Giving Tuesday campaign, such as how much you raised or any challenge matches you’ve met. Also, remind donors who they’ve helped with their donation and how they make your mission possible. Save time and grab this exact template from our Giving Tuesday Fundraising Template Kit and personalize it for your organization.

2) Week One: The Friend Request

When to send it: Tuesday, 12/8

Subject line: Sofia, keep tabs on the impact of your gift by following us on social media.

Why send this email?

Social media is a great tool to showcase your impact, help supporters understand the challenges they can help solve and build an authentic community around your cause. Plus, your social media accounts are the easiest way for donors to keep tabs on all of your organization’s fundraisers, impact stories, and events on their own time, using the platform they interact with daily.

Use this email to share how supporters can learn more about who they are helping with their donation and some details about your community on social media. List the platforms you’re active on and how your new Giving Tuesday donors can connect with you there.

When is the Best Day and Time to Send Emails?

CoSchedule analyzed over 14 different studies from various email marketing tools to determine the best time to send emails. They found that Tuesday was the best day to send emails and Thursday came in a close second. The most effective times to send emails (in order ) are at 10 AM, 2 PM, 8 PM, and 6 AM. Prioritize your most important emails on these days and times to get higher open rates and better click-throughs.

3) Week Two: Share Engagement Opportunities

When to send it: Tuesday, 12/15

Subject line 1: Everyone’s Invited, Especially You! Join Our Latest Events + Volunteer Days
Subject line 2: Sofia, tell us what you think in a short survey!

Why send this email?

Once a donor has given to your organization, it’s essential to keep building a relationship with them by providing many different types of opportunities to engage with your nonprofit. Inviting donors to year-end virtual events and recruiting them for volunteer opportunities can be powerful ways to connect with your Giving Tuesday supporters. If you don’t have any year-end events scheduled, substitute in a donor survey as a way to learn more about this group of new donors.