By Heather Mansfield, Editor-in-chief of Nonprofit Tech for Good and producer of the Global NGO Technology Report and the Global Trends in Giving Report

The internet is loaded with amazing free or low-cost tools and resources! Provided you set aside the time to explore and experiment, your nonprofit can use the tools listed below to significantly improve your web and email communications and your social media campaigns.

Social Media

1. Buffer ::

Buffer enables social media managers to schedule posts on social networks throughout the day and evening. The analytics tools will also evaluate your posts to deduce the best possible times to share your content.

2. Chatfuel ::

Chatfuel is platform that enables users to create Facebook Messenger bots without any coding experience.

3. Emojipedia ::

Using emoji on social media can increase engagement and when used in email subject lines, it can increase open rates. Get Emoji enables you to easy copy and paste emoji.

4. Lightful ::

Specifically for nonprofits, Lightful is a social media management platform that enables organizations to schedule social media posts ahead of time and provides analytics to help organizations raise more awareness and funds.

5. Loomly ::

Loomly is an online social media calendar that allows multiple users to collaborate from one master calendar. The service also provides analytics about content performance.

6. Mobile Monkey ::

MobileMonkey is a platform for marketers to create, manage, and promote their brands with Facebook Messenger bots.

7. NameCheckr ::

NameCheckr easily allows social media manager to search nearly 50 of the most popular social media sites to see whether their first choice of usernames are still available.

8. Periscope ::

Periscope is a mobile app connected to Twitter that enables nonprofits to easily broadcast live from special events or while on location.

9. RiteTag ::

RiteTag allows you to track in real-time the performance of your campaign hashtags. Their dashboard shows you how many people are using your hashtag on Twitter and Instagram and enables you to track trending hashtags.

10. Snaptag Editor ::

Snaptag Editor is a super easy tool for creating a Snapchat Snapcode with a custom background color and logo.

11. Squared ::

Squared is a service that enables Instagrammers to print their favorite Instagram photos or convert them into magnets and posters. Ideal for staff and volunteer appreciation.

Websites & Email

1. Bluehost ::

BlueHost is w low-cost web and email hosting company with excellent customer service and free SSL Certificates.

2. Bureau for Good ::

Bureau for Good is a design agency that offers inexpensive templates for nonprofit websites and annual reports.

3. Google Analytics ::

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.

4. HTML Editor ::

Once you know the basics of HTML, you can either write the code from scratch or use a HTML editor to easily generate HTML for tables, images, and formatted text.

5. HTML Tutorial ::

Knowing basic HTML is a must-have skill for online marketers. Tools like WordPress (website and blog content) and MailChimp (email marketing) are much easier to work with if users understand the premise of HTML and can make simple edits to WordPress or MailChimp generated HTML code.

6. Iconfinder ::

Iconfinder is an online database of almost one million icons and many of the social media icons sets are available to download for free. make sure your icons are prominently featured on your organization’s website.

7. Internet Archive Wayback Machine ::

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine is an online library of almost 500 billion screenshots of websites since 1996. Nonprofits can use it to study past versions of their website and to monitor their progress in web design over time.

8. OptInMonster ::

OptInMonster is a service that allows users to create floating bar and pop-up email opt-in forms for their website. The service provides analytics, A/B testing, and mobile compatibility.

9. SnapWidget ::

SnapWidget allows you to display your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram photos in collage format on your website or blog.

10. Social Warfare ::

Social Warfare is a WordPress plugin that adds visually compelling social share buttons to your website or blog. The buttons are fully customizable and provides social share counts and analytics.

11. Squarespace ::

Squarespace is a do-it-yourself, low-cost website builder. Ideal for small nonprofits with limited funds for digital marketing.

12. Wired Impact ::

WiredImpact is a website platform built specifically for nonprofits. Their website templates are mobile-compatible, built on WordPress, and include recurring giving, event and volunteer management, email newsletter sign-up, and blogging.

13. WiseStamp ::

WiseStamp allows you to create HTML-based email signatures for your nonprofit. However, if you decide to use this service, pay for it because the free service requires WiseStamp branding. Also, don’t go overboard! Keep your email signatures modern and simple.

14. Wix ::

Wix is a do-it-yourself, low-cost website builder. Ideal for small nonprofits with limited funds for digital marketing.

15. wpbeginner ::

wpbeginner is an online beginners guide for using WordPress for websites and blogs.


1. Email Blacklist Check ::

The MX Blacklist Check allows you to check whether your email server is blacklisted by simply entering your IP address or domain. If you discover that you are blacklisted, call your web and email host immediately to fix the problem.

2. Ghostery ::

Ghostery helps you browse smarter by giving you control over ads and tracking technologies to speed up page loads, eliminate clutter, and protect your data.

3. HTTPS Everywhere ::

HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox, Chrome, and Opera extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure.

4. LastPass ::

LastPass is a service that allows you to create and save passwords for multiple websites thus enabling secure easy login and password management.

5. SiteLock ::

SiteLock is a cloud-based security tool that scans your website for malware and security risks and removes them immediately.


1. BrainyQuote ::

BrainyQuote is a directory of inspirational quotes which can be useful for web, email, and social media content.

2. :: is an online petition platform used by over 200 million people in 196 countries. It’s advocacy tools help organizations worldwide advance their causes and mobilize new supporters.

3. Issuu ::

Issuu is an online platform for publishing online magazine and reports.

4. Mapme ::

Mapme is a web-based platform for creating, sharing, and embedding online maps. Nonprofits can use the service to visualize organizational and campaign data geographically.

5. SlideShare ::

SlideShare is the largest PowerPoint sharing site in the world. It’s a great online home for decks from speaking engagements, about your organization, or even call-to-action PowerPoint presentations.

6. SurveyGizmo ::

SurveyGizmo is an online survey service. For multi-lingual surveys, it is a better service than SurveyMonkey.

7. ViralSweep ::

ViralSweep is an sweepstakes and contest platforms that easily allows you to launch and management online contests.

Event Management

1. Eventbrite ::

Eventbrite enables users to create professional event ticketing and registration pages. Ideal for fundraising events.

2. GoToWebinar ::

GoToWebinar enable organizations to host webinars with VOIP audio or toll free numbers, polls, analytics, and recording.

3. MeetUp ::

MeetUp is service that focuses on helping people meet up offline and in-person. For small regional nonprofits, the service could be used for local events and regular meetups.

For Nonprofits Only

1. Dipjar ::

DipJar enables cashless giving via a hardware, software, and payments platform wherever organizations are face-to-face with supporters. A DipJar costs $399 for the first year and $99 a year thereafter.

2. Cureo ::

Cureo is a collaboration software designed for task teams, boards of directors, committees, staff, and community partners.

3. Double the Donation ::

Double the Donation is a service that enables donors to search as to whether their employer participates in a corporate matching program.

4. ::

Sent by environmentally conscious individuals, each EcoCard sent raises $1 for a specified charity. Learn how to enroll your charity.

5. Giving Tuesday ::

Giving Tuesday is an international day of charitable giving at the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season. #GivingTuesday is very well-known in the United States, but the vast majority of nonprofits, NGOs and charities in the developing world have yet to hear about the fundraising campaign.

6. GrantAdvisor ::

GrantAdvisor allows anyone in the nonprofit community to anonymously write reviews about their grant experiences with foundations.

7. :: is the world’s leading platform for nonprofit jobs and volunteer opportunities.

8. Online Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations LinkedIn Group ::

A LinkedIn Group for nonprofit professionals where they can share and access resources about online fundraising.

9. NetSquared ::

NetSquared in a group of volunteer leaders who host free #TechforGood in-person events every month in 120 cities worldwide.

10. NonprofitReady ::

NonprofitReady is an online hub of over 400 free online courses on fundraising, marketing, grantwriting, and leadership.

11. Nonprofit Social Media Storytelling Facebook Group ::

A Facebook Group for for nonprofit professionals to share ideas and advice about the best ways to use social media to share their stories.

12. Nonprofit Tech for Good Facebook Group ::

A Facebook Group for nonprofit professionals to share useful resources, tips, and feel free to seek out tech advice for your nonprofit.

13. NTEN ::

NTEN is membership organization of nonprofit technology professionals that offer technology training, including a Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate.

14. Shopify Nonprofit Program ::

Shopify allows nonprofits to develop an online storefront at a discounted rate so your charity or nonprofit can sell products online.

15. Social Media for Nonprofits Organizations LinkedIn Group ::

A LinkedIn Group for nonprofit professionals where they can share and access resources about social media.

16. ThankView ::

ThankView allows users to easily create unique “Thank You” videos in minutes that can be delivered by email or text message.

17. SignUp ::

Sign Up is an online volunteer program management program for nonprofits and businesses. The service focuses on signup pages, management, analytics, and on sending volunteer reminders.

18. TechSoup ::

TechSoup has partnered with technology companies and organizations to offer heavily discounted software to organizations worldwide.

19. VolunteerMatch ::

VolunteerMatch is an online portal to volunteer opportunities posted by over 100K nonprofits.

20. YouGive Goods ::

YouGiveGoods is an online platform that enables individuals, businesses, and nonprofits to create online food and supply drives.


1. Calendly ::

Calendly enables users select time slots via email to easily schedule meetings through Google, Outlook, Office 365, or iCloud calendar.

2. Dropbox ::

Dropbox is a cloud storage service (sometimes referred to as an online backup service) that is frequently used for file sharing and collaboration.

3. Dulingo ::

Dulingo provides access to free online language learning tools. For nonprofit social media managers that work internationally, Dulingo’s design and gamification make it fun to learn the basics of a new language.

4. Grammarly ::

Grammarly allows users to upload documents to scan for common and complex grammatical mistakes, spanning everything from subject-verb agreement to article use to modifier placement.

5. Noisli ::

Noisli is a background noise and color generator that can help you focus while working and brings to you the healthy benefits of the chromotherapy.

6. Paper :: iTunes

Paper is a mobile app for organizing notes, photos, and sketches. You can easily create checklists, spotlight details in photos, and draw diagrams.

7. Postable ::

Postable allows users to easily send Thank You cards through snail mail. Ideal for thanking mid-level and major donors.

8. Sejda ::

Sejda allows users to easily edits PDF documents. Functionality includes merging PDFs, deleting pages from PDFs, converting PDFs to Word documents, etc.

9. Slack ::

Slack is a cloud-based tool for teams of staff and volunteers to collaborate on projects and track work flow and responsibilities.

10. Slacker Radio ::

Slacker Radio is an easy-to-use (no app necessary) online collection of radio stations.

11. ::

When writing web and email content, allows you to quickly search for synonyms for words that you use too often. It’s an essential tool for web and email content writers.

12. Trello ::

Trello is a collaborative project management tool that provides boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.

13. TurboScan :: Google Play/iTunes

TurboScan is a mobile app that enables users to scan/photograph documents and images and convert them into PDFs. Ideal for converting travel receipts into PDFs.

14. Zoom ::

Zoom is an affordable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing. Ideal for managing remote workers and volunteers.

15. 7-Minute Workout ::

7 Minute Workout is a mobile app that encourages daily 7-minute workouts. For social media managers that are too often seated at desk all, it an easy tool to get motivated and on your feet.

Stats & Research

1. Global NGO Technology Report ::

An annual report that examines how NGOs worldwide use technology to engage their donors and supporters.

2. Global Trends in Giving Report ::

An annual report that examines the impact of technology, gender, generation, and ideology upon giving worldwide.

3. Internet Live Stats ::

Internet Live Stats tracks in real-time stats about how the internet is used, such as the number of websites, emails sent, blog posts published, social media active users, smartphones and tablets sold, etc.

4. Internet World Stats ::

Internet World Stats is extensive collection of stats about internet access and usage worldwide.

5. Statista ::

Statista is a searchable portal to multiple statistics databases worldwide. Like inspirational quotes, stats can be useful for web, email, and social media content.

6. Worldometers ::

Worldometers tracks stats in real-time about world population, government and politics, natural resources, health, and media.

Graphic Design & Photography

1. Canva ::

Canva’s drag-and-drop features and professional layouts enable users to easily design stunning graphics and documents.

2. Creative Market ::

Create Market is an online marketplace of graphics design assets. Nonprofits can purchase customizable graphics from fonts to website themes to infographics.

3. iStock ::

iStock by Getty Images has high quality, royalty-free visual content for a low cost. Dreamstime and Shutterstock are also recommended.

4. Giphy GIF Maker ::

Giphy GIF Maker enables users to easily create animated video GIFs and GIF slideshows with captions.

5. Pablo ::

Pablo by Buffer enables social media managers to easily create inspirational quote and powerful stat images perfectly sized for social media.

6. Piktochart ::

Piktochart is an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop infographic and presentation design tool that allows hi-res image and PDF exports.

7. Snappa ::

Snappa is a simple-to-use graphic design tool with a built-in stock photo, illustration, and icons library. You can also use the service to convert graphics into multiple sizes with one click.

8. Unspalsh ::

Unsplash is an online collection of nearly one million free high-resolution photos donated by its community of photographers.

9. Vecteezy ::

Vecteezy offers an excellent selection of free and low-cost vector art that can be used for multiple kinds of online content (event invitations, social media posts, blog graphics, etc.

Photo Editing

1. Adobe Creative Cloud ::

For advanced for photo editing, the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan provides users access to numerous Adobe photo editing tools, such as Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC.

2. Layout :: GooglePlay/iTunes

Layout from Instagram is a mobile app that lets you combine multiple photos into a single image that can be saved to your camera roll and shared on Instagram and other social networks.

3. PicMonkey ::

PicMonkey is an easy-to-use photo editing platform that enables nonprofits to embed text upon photos, apply watermarks, and create photo collages through a simple drag-and-drop process.

4. WordSwag ::

WordSwag is a mobile app that enables users to easily embed text on images.

Video Editing

1. Animoto ::

Animoto is an online video maker that makes it easy for anyone to drag and drop their way to powerful and professional marketing videos. It also has a mobile app to make videos on the go.

2. Lumen5 ::

Lumen5 converts articles and blog posts into video content – ideal for social media.

3. PowToon ::

PowToon enables user to create video animations for video storytelling and presentations.

4. WeVideo ::

WeVideo is an easy-to-use, cloud-based video editing platform with an advanced suite of creative tools such as animation, color keying, voice over, and clip transformation.

News & Stories

1. Flipboard ::

Flipboard is both a desktop and mobile app that enables users to curate and save online content and breaking news. Users can create their own magazines to follow news most relevant to their interests.

2. Google Trends ::

Google Trends is a completely free tool that Google created to help anyone search for trending topics online.

3. Pocket ::

Like Flipboard, Pocket is both a desktop and mobile app that enables users to curate and save online content and breaking news.


1. Bitpay ::

BitPay enables organizations to accept accepting instant Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash payments without risk or price fluctuations. See their FAQ for nonprofits.

2. Copify ::

Copify is portal to copywriters for hire. For $.06 a word, your nonprofit can hire professional writers for your website, blog content, and reports.

3. Flapit ::

A bit pricey, but Flapit is the first available physical counter connected to all the major social media platforms. It looks great in an office space!

4. Upwork ::

From programmers to designers, Upwork enables you to easily hire skilled freelancers. You can upload projects, receive bids, and browse examples of completed work.

106 Free or Low-Cost Online Tools and Resources for Nonprofits