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How Adapted Their Social Media Content Strategy in Response to COVID-19

July 13, 2020
By Moree Lambeth, Senior Content Creator at The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way organizations execute their social media plans. Posting without a mindfulness of the trending topics and conversations can cause organizations to appear insensitive and tone-deaf. The current social media environment has caused

8 Lessons Learned from Hosting Golf Event Fundraisers During COVID-19

July 12, 2020
By Katie Casillas, director of marketing at, an event management platform specifically for golf fundraisers. There’s no doubting it: 2020 has forced organizations, industries, and entire sectors to adapt. Event fundraising is no exception and, within the category, the golf fundraiser has become especially critical. With other major

10 Must-Know Stats About COVID-19 Donors

June 6, 2020
The 2020 Global Trends in Giving Survey closed June 1 and the full results will be released September 14 in the third edition of the Global Trends in Giving Report. 7,008 survey respondents from 81 countries indicated in the survey that they had donated in response to

[FREE WEBINAR] How Nonprofits Can Use Crowdfunding to Raise More Money During the COVID-19 Crisis

March 9, 2020
UPDATE: This webinar was presented on April 21, 2020. You can view a recording on GoFundMe Charity’s website as well as download the slides. GoFundMe Charity will discuss how to run a successful campaign, share their experience in peer-to-peer fundraising, and discuss the COVID-19 response in the