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12 Must-Know Stats About Social Media, Fundraising, and Cause Awareness

April 22, 2013
Until recently the nonprofit pioneers of the Social Web had to mostly rely on their intuition that their social media campaigns were resulting in more dollars raised online, an increase in brand and cause awareness, and higher rates of volunteer recruitment and retention. However, as LinkedIn, Blogger

Four Recent Facebook Upgrades That Nonprofits Need to Know About

April 3, 2013
Hopefully your nonprofit has grown accustomed to the fact that Facebook is a constant work in progress. That said, some recent upgrades to Facebook Pages have a big impact upon your nonprofit’s presence on Facebook and with the site-wide launch of the new News Feed and Social Graph Search

HOW TO: Merge Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Community Page with Your Official Page

February 3, 2013
Most nonprofit’s have no idea that they likely have a Facebook Community Page. Launched in 2010, the purpose of community pages are still mostly unknown although a sound hypothesis would be that their existence is now connected to the recently launched Facebook Graph Search. The hope of many

Six Simple Ways Nonprofits Can Increase Their Exposure on Social Media

November 19, 2012
Most nonprofits approach social media with the strategy of increasing awareness for their cause by posting and sharing content on their profiles and then when time permits, engaging their fans and followers as they respond to the content posted and shared by the nonprofits. That’s what social

HOW TO: Ensure Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Fans See All Your Posts

November 12, 2012
Except for a short test in 2009, your nonprofit’s Facebook Fans have never seen all your posts and as most of us have by now have realized, the percentage that do has gotten significantly smaller over time. The most recent changes to Facebook’s Edgerank has decreased the

Three Recent Facebook Upgrades That Nonprofits Need to Know About

October 14, 2012
One of the most important lessons that all good social media managers learn is that social media is constantly in flux. Once you get accustomed to a tool, it changes in an attempt to reinvent itself. Rather than lamenting this new reality, a skilled social media manager will

11 Types of Photos Nonprofits Should Post on Social Media

June 25, 2012
My Return on Investment (ROI) from using Pinterest to promote Nonprofit Organizations is somewhere between minimal and better-than-expected, but using the site on a regular basis has fundamentally changed how I think about social media and the people who use it. In the same way that Twitter