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12 Must-Know Stats About Social Media, Fundraising, and Cause Awareness

April 22, 2013
Until recently the nonprofit pioneers of the Social Web had to mostly rely on their intuition that their social media campaigns were resulting in more dollars raised online, an increase in brand and cause awareness, and higher rates of volunteer recruitment and retention. However, as LinkedIn, Blogger

Three Nonprofit e-Newsletters to Subscribe To and Learn From

April 14, 2013
My e-newsletter is by far the driving force behind Nonprofit Tech 2.0. Those 27,000+ subscribers produce more return on investment (ROI) in terms of bringing in new clients and webinar attendees than my 600,000+ Twitter followers and 40,000+ Facebook fans combined. And even though a recent report pointed

A Short, Recent History of Nonprofit Website Design and Online Fundraising

March 18, 2013
Nonprofit website design and online fundraising have dramatically changed in recent years due to the rapid rise of social media and mobile communications. Using the Wayback Machine – a website that allows you to view archived screenshots of your website all the way back to 1996, below

Fundraising Best Practices: Sharing the Results of Donating Online to 31 Nonprofits

February 16, 2013
Each year I select 31 Favorite Nonprofits to which I donate 10% of my webinar income. Part of the reason is a commitment to altruism, but I also use (for lack of a better word) these 31 nonprofits to study how nonprofits are progressing in online fundraising,

Seeking Feedback from Nonprofits: Does This “Donate Now” Service Provider Exist?

February 14, 2013
I am researching “Donate Now” service providers. Nonprofits ask me often for recommendations of what service(s) to use and I have yet to find a “Donate Now” service that meets all of my ideal criteria: A custom-branded “Donate Now” page that’s embedded inside of the nonprofit’s website

Google Wallet Ushers in a New Era in Online and Mobile Fundraising for Nonprofits

October 19, 2012
On August 1, Google quietly launched Google Wallet for the Web – and the technology has the possibility of transforming online and mobile fundraising as we’ know it. Described simply, donors can sign up for a Google Wallet account, enter and save their credit card information, and then donate to

Five Common Mistakes Nonprofits Make in Their Online Fundraising Campaigns

May 29, 2012
Last month I donated online to 25 of my 32 Favorite Nonprofits in celebration of reaching the benchmark of following 100,000 nonprofits, nonprofit staff, and nonprofit service providers on Twitter. Usually I donate to one or two nonprofits at a time, but to go through a list of