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Five Recent Facebook Upgrades That Nonprofits Need to Know About

June 11, 2012
If there is one thing that nonprofit social media managers are learning (or should be learning) from utilizing new media it’s that technology is now constantly in flux. As soon as you learn and become comfortable with a tool set, it’s replaced with a new one. The...

New Service! Social Media and Online Communications Audits for Nonprofits

June 3, 2012
Heather Mansfield, owner of DIOSA Communications, principal blogger at Nonprofit Tech 2.0, and author of Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits now offers social media and online communications audits for nonprofits. The audits can be presented via a three-hour webinar or in person. With an objective eye...

11 Excellent Examples of Nonprofit Avatars

May 14, 2012
Every second of every day nonprofits around the world are posting status updates, tweets, and messages on social networks attached to avatars with cropped art work and/or unreadable text. Would you ever send out a print or e-mail newsletter, or sign off on a business card with...

11 Nonprofit Websites That Look Great on iPads

April 22, 2012
Soaring tablet use and an online commons increasingly battling information overload has fundamentally changed web design as we know it. Bigger pictures, less text, larger fonts, and easy-to-tap and click buttons and navigation are the new Web design aesthetic. That said, consistency in Web design is becoming...

Is Your Nonprofit Guilty of #Hashtag Spamming?

April 9, 2012
A recent study concluded that only about one-third of tweets are worth reading and with Twitter now generating 340 million tweets per day, that’s approximately 266 millions tweets that would have been better left untweeted. Finding your Twitter voice is a skill and it takes a concerted effort...

11 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Nonprofit Professionals

April 5, 2012
The following is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of the recently released book Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits. These basic LinkedIn Profile tips for nonprofit professionals serve as a foundation for when and if your nonprofit is ready to utilize LinkedIn Groups and Company Pages. That...
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