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Google+ Best Practices for Nonprofits

February 26, 2012
UPDATED 2/26/12: Please note that the best practices listed below are a work in progress and are updated regularly. To be alerted of when new best practices are posted, please subscribe to the Nonprofit Tech 2.0 e-Newsletter. Also, since the Google+ Pages launched after the release of Social...

11 Must-Follow Nonprofits on Pinterest

February 13, 2012
With 10.4 million registered users, Pinterest hit the 10 million-user benchmark last week making it the fastest growing website ever. My theory on why Pinterest has become so popular so fast is that it has arrived at at time when people are increasing becoming overwhelmed by the...

22 Must-Circle Nonprofits on Google+

January 23, 2012
As a follow-up to Google+ Best Practices for Nonprofits and 22 Must-Circle Nonprofit Bloggers and Resources on Google+, below are 22 nonprofits that are regularly using Google+ effectively to engage and inspire the Google+ community. As traffic continues to grow,  new tools and functionality are added almost...

Nine Nonprofits Offering Timeline Covers for Their Facebook Fans

January 22, 2012
The new Facebook Timeline design is now available for upgrade to all Facebook users. The design was meant to be rolled out site wide in December 2011, however a lawsuit with is prolonging the mandatory switch – most likely only temporarily. Whatever your personal feelings are about Facebook...

HOW TO: Get Your Nonprofit Started on Pinterest

January 16, 2012
When Mashable first started buzzing about Pinterest in December 2011, I took a quick look at the site and thought to myself, “Shopping, crafters, and foodies. Not relevant to the vast majority of nonprofits and (whew!) not another site I need to pay attention to.” Now, just...

Social Media: What To Do If Your Boss Doesn’t Get It

November 28, 2011
Originally published in the November 2011 issue of Fundraising Success Magazine where I have written a quarterly column throughout 2011. In June 2007, I presented my first social media training to a small group of nonprofits in Lowell, MA. At the time, nonprofits were primarily only using Myspace and...

Free Mini-Webinar: Social and Mobile Media for Nonprofit Executive Staff

November 28, 2011
Date: Wednesday, February 15 Time: 1-1:45pm EST Cost: Free Presenter: Heather Mansfield Register:  Here! The content of this mini-webinar is specifically tailored for executive staff in the nonprofit sector, particularly those that are skeptical of the value of social and mobile media. The idea for this webinar arose from presenting...
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