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22 Must-Circle Nonprofit Bloggers and Resources on Google+

November 21, 2011
I joined Google+ a few months ago as an individual, but it hasn’t been until the recent launch of Google+ Pages that I began investing time in the exploring the Google+ community and tool set. Google+ is a bit more complicated than Facebook or Twitter, but already...

Three Ways Mobile Wallets Could Transform Fundraising

November 14, 2011
Mobile Wallets are going to dramatically transform how consumers purchase goods and services. Many predict the end of cash and physical credit cards for both point-of-sale and online transactions within the next five years. Not one to shy or fear new technology, I’ll be one of the...

HOW TO: Create a Google+ Page for Your Nonprofit

November 7, 2011
Page” on Google+. If you are new to Google+, then first please read carefully my Google+ Best Practices for Nonprofits to become familiar with Google+ so that you make sure that you set up your Google Account and Google+ Profile correctly before following the instructions below for...

11 Website Design Best Practices for Nonprofits

October 31, 2011
The following is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of the newly released book Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits. These best practices serve as a foundation for upgrading your website to be compatible with the Social Web and are then elaborated upon in...

Support [Your Organization] on Valley Gives Day on December 10, 2014

October 30, 2011
is one of the hundreds of nonprofits participating in the third  annual Valley Gives Day scheduled for December 10, 2014. Valley Gives Day is an innovative online fundraising event that encourages individuals to donate as much money as possible in support of their favorite charities in just twenty-four hours. Throughout...

Nine Holiday Card Programs That Benefit Nonprofits

October 30, 2011
This holiday season your friends, family, clients, work colleagues, and major donors will likely be deluged with hundreds of tweets, status updates, and emails wishing them “Happy Holidays!” That’s the Web we all now live and work by, but this year a good old-fashioned holiday greeting with...

11 Must-Follow Nonprofits On Tumblr

October 24, 2011
Defying its name, Tumblr user growth has accelerated dramatically in 2011 (up 218% over last year) and the eleven nonprofits listed below are paving the way for early adoption in the nonprofit sector. Part-blogging, part-social networking community, Tumblr makes an interesting choice for blogs that are specific...
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