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Four Must-Haves for Your “Thank You for Your Donation!” Landing Page

September 20, 2011
For all the buzz about new media in the nonprofit sector, it is somewhat surprising how few nonprofits have integrated their new media campaigns into one of the most important pages on their website – the “Thank You for Your Donation!” landing page. That is, the page

Don’t Think Social Media Results in Online Donations? Think Again!

June 29, 2011
Source: Social Good: Charity and Technology in the Online Universe Written for the March  2011 issue of Fundraising Success Magazine, where I am writing a quarterly column throughout 2011. *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * In the summer of 2000, I launched

Six Online Fundraising Tools You May Have Never Heard Of

May 24, 2011
You got to give it to the social good entrepreneurs. Seemingly every week a new fundraising or cause awareness tool hits the Web for nonprofits to experiment with, and though donation processing fees must be applied or ads sold for these social enterprises to be sustainable, it’s

Five Ways Nonprofits Can Use Social Media to Build Their e-Newsletter List

February 14, 2011
People are often surprised when I say that if given the choice, I would choose 10,000 e-Newsletter subscribers over 10,000 Followers on Twitter, 10,000 Fans on Facebook, or 10,000 Friends on Foursquare… combined. Any day of the week and without hesitation. And though some reports claim that

11 Holiday Gift Programs That Benefit Nonprofits and Make the World A Better Place :: 2010 Edition

November 9, 2010
Last year’s list of nonprofit holiday gift programs has been getting a lot traffic over the last two weeks thanks to Google searches. In addition to all those wonderful programs, I wrote up 11 more for 2010. Please use your purchasing power wisely and with compassion this

10 Social Media Metrics for Nonprofit Organizations (and How To Track Them)

March 24, 2010
“A survey of 200 charity and foundation professionals revealed that nonprofits are finding it difficult to determine how valuable social media tools are for their organizations. Seventy-nine percent said they hadn’t found ways to do so.” – Chronicle of Philanthropy, November 12, 2009 For those 79% of

What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know About GuideStar, Network for Good and Social Media Fundraising

January 20, 2010
1. Social media fundraising is built upon and empowered by the GuideStar database. 2. All 501c3’s in the United States have profiles on GuideStar. 3. Network for Good uses the GuideStar database to distribute online donations made on their website and on their partner websites. 4.